Seeking patient participation in hospital working group aiming to improve care for patients admitted with diabetes.

Hello! – Milton Keynes Hospital Trust is looking for volunteers to be part of a working group that will improve the care we deliver to patients who are admitted with diabetes.

Why are we asking for you to be involved?

We have lots of patients in our hospital, at any one time, with diabetes and we know we could improve the experience that people have. We want to make sure that any changes we make are better for patients. We need people who have experience of being an inpatient to help guide and teach us what this is like. This information will be vital to inform any changes, make sure they are positive and have a lasting impact.

When would you need to start?

The project group has already been set up and the meetings planned. We would like patient involvement ASAP , ideally for the meeting on the 27th November.

How much time will it take up ?

Recognising that people may have other commitments , there is an outline below but there would be the opportunity for flexibility around this. We are open to suggestions about how it could work.

We anticipate that during the initial stages, when we are identifying what to improve and how to do this, that will require the greatest commitment . There will be a working group meeting held twice monthly for 1-2 hours which we would like any volunteers to attend. It may be an additional half hour catch up and up date is needed in between these weeks to start with. Once we start implementing the change and measuring the impact then you would only need to attend the working group meetings.

How will the meetings be run due to COVID 19 restrictions?

You would not be asked to meet face to face. It would be ideal if any volunteers could access online meetings via Team or another platform. If not, we could offer information, training and/or seek alternative communication.

What if I decide half way through the project, this is not for me?

As a Trust we are still learning about how best to involve our patients so we are open to feedback and adapting arrangements

We would seek feedback about participation as we go to make sure it is working for all involved. However, if you felt you would like to withdraw your participation at any time this is ok.

What do I need to do?

We would need someone who could speak about the patient perspective and are experts by experiences. While your individual experiences would be important to learn about we would also need you to be able to consider the wider patient experience and perspective recognising any improvement would have to aim to improve care for the wider population with diabetes. Your views and suggestions would inform and could guide discussions but any final decisions would be made collectively by the group.

Julia Kainth Project Manager.

Transformation Team

Phone: 01980 996157

Ext: 86157