Multi Disciplinary Footcare Team

Corinne has received this letter from Dr Ali, Diabetes Consultant in recognition of the work done by the Milton Keynes Diabetes UK group, in our campaign a few years ago, raising the awareness of the necessity of a Multi Disciplinary Footcare team.


Dear diabetic foot MDT team

I just wanted to highlight the national diabetic foot care report by the cardiovascular intelligence network. The results are incredible and something to be very proud of. The headlines are that we are amongst the best in the country for hospital admissions for diabetic foot disease (10th in the country) and minor amputations (12th in the country). There is a wide gap between the best performing hospitals and the rest.

Those of you have been part of the journey from the beginning will know that nearly 5 years ago, we had higher than national average amputations, lengths of stay and mortality.

We could not have got here without the incredible team spirit we have in the MDT and your commitment. In the last few months, we have been booking nearly double the capacity we are meant to be able to manage.

Your efforts have been worthwhile!

Thank you team!

With very best wishes