MK IDS : Milton Keynes Integrated Diabetes Service

Milton Keynes Integrated Diabetes Service
The service is run by Milton Keynes University Hospital and is based at Willen Surgery, MK15 9EY. 

The team has 2 Consultants, Dr Ali and Dr Humayun, and a team of 4 Diabetes Specialist Nurses. Weekly clinics are held at Willen Surgery. What makes this service different from the previous Maple Unit service is that the Consultants and Specialist Nurses are available to offer support to your own GP practice and you may see them working alongside your Practice Nurse or GP in the diabetes clinics.

Type 1 diabetes

The team recognizes that for people living with Type 1 diabetes there is often not a need to be seen in a formal way in an outpatient setting, but there are times when you recognize that you would like support or advice.  We offer you access to our service so that you can choose when you seek advice and support.  You can be seen at Willen Surgery without a referral to the service from your surgery and you do not need to have seen us previously.

In addition, there is a weekly open access clinic and an email address for asking for diabetes advice. Your GP or Practice Nurse will give you contact details.

Type 2 diabetes,

For people with Type 2 diabetes, whose care is usually managed within the GP practice, MKIDS is there to support practices where needed in order to provide you with optimal care.

Your GP or Practice Nurse can refer you to the service if necessary or request in-house support