May 2015 Group Meeting - The Oxford Academic health Science Network AHSN

On 12th May The Oxford Academic health Science Network AHSN Diabetes gave a fascinating presentation to the local group.

They explained that diabetes is one of the biggest public health issues we face worldwide. In the UK over 3 million people have been diagnosed with the condition, while another 630,000 have diabetes without realising it.

Diabetes is linked to a number of serious health problems such as heart disease, foot amputation, blindness and kidney problems, so it’s a priority to have high quality medical care and for new proven advances to be made available to patients in a timely manner.

Given this background, setting up a Diabetes Clinical Network is one of the priorities for the Oxford AHSN. The network will have a wide range of input from people all over the Oxford AHSN region who are working in the delivery of diabetes care, researching causes and treatments or supplying innovative new products. We aim to work closely with other NHS organisations such as the

Strategic Clinical Network and organisations working in translational research such as the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and the local Clinical Research Network.

They told us their key initial aims are

• To reduce inequality in healthcare provision and outcomes for diabetes across the Oxford AHSN region

• To work on linking GP, community and hospital teams in a seamless service for people with diabetes

• To connect hospital services across different Trusts in the region

• To encourage the use of new technology in healthcare

They also asked for volunteers for the role of patient/public representative on their  advisory board.