Insulin Passports

Insulin passports - have you got yours?

If you take insulin and have not yet received an ‘insulin passport’ please ask your GP or Practice Nurse to supply you with one (one for each type of insulin you take)

The passports (insulin identification cards) are plastic credit-card sized coloured cards, produced by the insulin manufacturers. They have a picture of the insulin/device/vial on them for easier identification. The colours on the card correspond to the colours on the insulin products.

They show the current insulin in use and enable a safety check for prescribing, dispensing and administration

Carry your insulin passport/s with you at all times.

You should be asked to show it when collecting your insulin from the pharmacy. Please offer it if not, as together you and the pharmacist should ensure you are receiving the correct items.

If your insulin is changed by your doctor or while you are in hospital, a new card/s will be given. You must destroy any old ones that no longer apply.

Insulin passports were introduced nationally in 2012 following the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) Insulin Alert. The alert aimed to improve patient safety by empowering patients as they take an active role in their treatment with insulin.

Lesley Scott, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse, MK Diabetes Care      
December 2014