DIABETES AND COVID - by one of our local Diabetes Specialist Nurses

Our surgeries diabetes care was truly supreme
Then came along the virus Covid 19
With so many people living with diabetes in our region
The super 6 diabetes team had to try beat this demon

Time to rethink how to provide diabetes care
When the patients were shielding and wouldn’t be there
Lockdown had begun and people were scared
And we wanted them to know we were there and we cared.

Having diabetes meant they were in a high risk group
So we came up with a plan to keep safe our coup
We wrote letters galore and spent hours in system one
Trying to prioritise the vulnerable and get our job done

With help from super duo from QC
We managed our case lists so carefully
Due to the virus we didn’t worry about QOF
We were more concerned about spreading “that” cough

We made numerous waiting lists which continuously grew
And reworded our letters to those whose review was due
We sent out letters of comfort with lots of advice
Signposting them to places we hoped would suffice

We learnt new ways of working like videos and zoom
And spent hours on the phone as they weren’t in our room
Every Thursday we got our NHS clap
And continued to ensure our care had no gap

The type 1’s were our priority as we all knew why
That if they caught the virus, they were more likely to cry
We made sure they had keto meters to test for DKA
And ensured their prescriptions were well on their way

We made medications management our priority
And gave sick day advise with clear clarity
We educated those taking metformin and sglt2’s
About staying hydrated and doing don’t and do’s

We also focused on those with high hba1c’s
And those with poor renal, high BMI’s and bp’s
We made so many phone calls, visited the shielded at home
And for those that were happy we invited them down

We did emergency insulin starts and encouraged testing more
And advised on improving lifestyles, foot checks and bp’s galore
We reached out to non-responders which was an ongoing challenge
Due to them working from home they became easier to manage

People rang in with so many questions and queries
And we had hundreds of tasks and tried to remain cheery
We made time to place orders and liaise with our reps
To update our policies and keep everything in check

We did online training and webinar education
And did out best to support those in isolation
Although it was hard and many tough times were had
We supported each other through good times and bad

We put on our masks and tried not to smother
And tried to talk more clearly without a mutter
We used shaving foam to stop our glasses from going blurry
And were lucky to get lots of free cake, soup and curry

We sorted out rooms and had time to restock
And even had fun doing some dancing tick tocks
Although the doctors worked at times from home
They were still there to support us over the phone

The district nurses work got heavier than ever
And they dropped like flies from Covid and fever
So we got together and new ways of working were found
To support them in caring for the frail and housebound

We all worked so hard trying to obey the 2m rule
And the surgery seemed strange as the waiting rooms weren’t full
We dealt really well with this Covid pandemic virus
And did our best to change care to help and inspire us

Our patients were grateful and anxieties were less
And we felt new ways of working were a big success
I am proud to be part of such a great team
And to have learnt so much due to Covid 19