COVID-19 update

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. We are very aware that we have not met for some months and are unlikely to be able to meet again for some time yet.

We are sure that you are all aware that diabetes is one of the high risk conditions for Covid 19.

The Diabetes UK web-site has provided good information during this difficult period along with other reputable on-line sites and of course there is a wide range of government advice available.

However, we are a local group and have built up some lasting friendships over the years and whilst the guidance we all have access to is good, it can sometimes seem a little impersonal.

We would like to continue with some group activity over the coming months to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and chat with friends you have got to know through attending our meetings and accessing our own website.

So, we want to gauge your views as to whether you would like to take part in an on-line meeting that we would organise? You've probably heard of Zoom, which is a popular video communications tool and easy to use - we will of course provide you with instructions how to use Zoom. It will just be an opportunity to get together again, renew friendships and perhaps talk about our own experiences of the past few months. If this is successful we might be able to bring in a speaker in future meetings. Please let us know by email ( if you would like to take part in Zoom meetings in the future.

We are also aware that this lockdown has left many people feeling alone and isolated. If you would welcome a call from one of us from time to time then let us know and provide your telephone number and we'll get in touch. Also if you are aware of someone who has diabetes and does not have access to the internet and would appreciate a call, let us know by emailing us on; include your phone number and one of us will ring you.


Useful links:

The Trend-UK Sick day rules leaflets for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes: